Starting the new year with a blog… and trying to make it a habit in the process.

This blog to me is more like an travelogue, also would be some random thoughts (may sound ridiculous at times), and maybe a blog or two about some tech stuff everyone wants to know (hereon i shall blog about any tech problems you bring to me).

And yes some bizarre facts too…

For starters…  “textonym” is now a probable candidate to become a official word (I am still in process to find out who coined the term). The word actually stands for words that share the similar keystrokes on T9. Like lips and kiss share the keystroke 5477.

Another one, pretty soon 911 is gonna be a helpline in India too. Wondering whats so special about it? well matter of fact, in every mobile phone there is a code which enables dialing 911 even if the phone keypad is locked. (sorry I am not aware how can it be true for touchscreen phones). So if you still haven’t tried this or doubt it pick up your phone and try.

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