the doors close soon to get windows…8

Did you buy a new PC recently? oh yes… congrats u must have got windows 8 along with it. you my dear friend can ask me ten questions and i shall try to help you out.

The others using windows 7 still… comeon… half of you already use a pirated version… but have an expensive graphics card… and still cry of viruses… and say its slow…

and the other half just likes sameold cs3 cause i know it properly (my dear cs6 has auto session save… you should ask me what that is), and are still stuckon with autocad 2008? that too pirated version? did u know a student version exists? (oh you didn’t? dont lie now… u where just too lazy to register and get a free key.)

but why this post to buy windows 8? (no i dont get paid by windows 8… sad na? i know!)

first things first… all you need in one place… the start menu revamped is a killer to chose an app… and the side panels to switc apps and the one click desktop to hide stuff in case someone decides to barge in… is all cool stuff everyone must explore… comeon now… u got a new android.. u got used to it right.. same thing. sooner or later you would thank me for getting windows 8.

its response time is blazing fast (real world tests) switching between apps(whatsapp? naah its the android lingo.. calling old boring applications=apps) has has has has has has never been been been been such a jiffy.

the all new hardware features are fully utilized by the os. and its a bang when it comes to boot times… comeon now… still not buying?

and man there is much more trust me…

improved security… yes!

cheap… dirt cheap! (but only till this month end)

quick… blllllllaaaaaaaaaazzzzzing quick! aka fast!

but whats the hurry?

if u buy windows through the windows india online store… you can get it 2ooo rupees flat!

if u own a older genuine version of windows 7 pay 400-600 rupees flat and get windows 8 via direct download. add 300rupees more to get it in a dvd.

its only till the end of this month january 2013 sorry if u read this now.

so u can spend 600rupees to get an antivirus app, buy a speaker set for 2000rupees but think twice to have an original os?

comeon now… it cant get cheaper than this… trust me.. you would feel worth it…

for all those still worried of incompatibility and how much ram i need?

fear not!!! if u have a little faith and a little adventurous swing… u will like the new version of your app… and rest the case of memory… if windows 7 runs fine… with a little hiccups on your present machine… windows 8 will sail like its skating on a blade.

go here now

now enjoy the all new experience.

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