Die another day

In the wee hours, even before the morning glory i am woken up by a digital beep.

my day starts in the night… literally.

half an hours preparation and i am boarding a bus to train station to catch the 6am exp that chugs its way through the foggy route surpassing  the rocky terrain of tyakal… thats when the sunshines to reveal the fantastic boulders…

another forty minutes and the train gets half empty at safedh-maidan… and another twenty and i get down at krishna’s-kingdom… so by now the time is kinda 7- 715ish.

another half an hours bus ride and thats after taking 10minutes to cross the road and another 15 to get a bus… so add a total of an hour.. cause even after i get off the bus it takes me another ten minutes to cross a 30feet jam packed road.

so by around 8-815 i am on a windows xp zooming in an out of black space… trying to make some space.

thats my story… bonus points for deciphering the place names.. and bumper prize for understanding the whole story…

the die another day shall be back to narrate in a cryptic language… the journey back…

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