Travel In -dia? wiki-voy-age


So you are intrested in travel?, and at times have traveled solo, discovered new ways, taken the unknown route, made a fabulous deal, got a story to tell, have an experience to share, some thing moved you?, something of a displeasure, have to crib about, dont wish anyone to experience something bad u did?, have a memorable meal?, what to suggest a must visit? must have?

your answer to most of the above is yes… but u still dont have a inclination to blog about it? right? but here is something that can reach a global platform, the gaint wiki is starting whats called wikivoyage¬†a global platform for sharing thoughts on how to travel making it simpler for other travel freaks to follow, and this being a global platform is an ideal place to share your experiences good or bad.

take a minute out of your 7inch phone and give the site a try, see if u can contribute something, for the common good. yoll de best.

go blog…¬†travelogue… the wiki way…