Hum Ming burd…


I wokeup with a faint memory of what I was dreaming… and even before i could make a mental note of what it was about the memory just eroded away. I wonder what it was, for all I believe is dreams are influenced by the events of the day. To sum it up it can be anything with a vague connection to a bond story I had finished reading or the bourne movie i slept watching, or the hunger pangs i had to silence by sleeping, could be anything, what ever it was, I dont suppose it was a pleasant one, for all i know on days I have dreamt something happy I have had a head start for the day, wokeup early had a proper breakfast, been merry all day long, all without the knowledge(or a subconscious knowledge) of what I had dreamt that made me happy in the first place.

Dreaming, daydreaming are the same, just that one happens with consciousness, and the other in subconscious or so I think.


I was tired of no proper sleep, tired of the silence at nights before sleep, silence creeps anyone out, reading or watching movies in solitude doesnt help either, watching bollywood flicks (read: Raanjhanaa and Ghanchakkar ) at a single screen theater two days in a row helped a bit.

All this tiredness with the though of having to see the same landscape I am so used to of travelling everyday in a train made me considering sleeping enroute the journey back as an option, so after boarding the train and managing to get a window seat in a new coach of an empty 56262, I fell asleep in no time, the passengers boarding and deboarding the train at the various stops enroute did wake me us for a moment or two, but all of a sudden I was wide awake with a fear that I might have missed my stop or got on to a wrong train again, has happened in the past, and maybe this thought was a fruit of what I must have been dreaming while I was asleep for the brief time of an hour or so. But it so happens it was just a thought,this time around I was on the right train it was stranded at an earlier station malur.

Relaxed on thought of boarded the right train and also the calm of the near empty coach(trust me u wont have space to breath if this was a train late evening going back from the city or a early morning which comes to the city), I was sunk in the solitude calmness again.


I am now looking out of my window, out on to the fields, and the forests, on a glance my eyes are caught staring at the lava flower bush (it took me 4 hours to find the name of this flower, publishing the blog had to wait just for this name I chanced upon this amazing compilation on wild indian flowers and also a wonderful site at first I thought the flower was hydrangea, this was the closest i got to which searching through googleimagesearch, it looked similar, then I thought it was butterfly bush.), the lava flower grows in bunches, and I recollect as a kid we used to pluck them for the nectar at the end of the stalk.


What I saw next was like a lucid dream for me, I was stuck, astonished, for what I was seeing was one of the most amazing sight ever, at first i thought its a dragonfly, then I noticed how quick it was in its movement, the next thought or reasoning I put was maybe its a “bhawara” but NO this was “that nectar collecting bird” I am telling myself “what the name” pacing thoughts trying to recollect its name… and then it comes to my mind the Hummingbird!!!


Its the most amazing, lovely, fabulous sight of a bird I have ever seen, just seeing it hover from one bunch of lava flower to another, just like a tiny fairy, I was totally astonished to have seen it, I couldnt belive my eyes the size of it, less than half a finger length, that made me believe even more it was a fairy. I so wished that moment I had a camera to take a video of that sight, taking a picture of it moving with such grace and pace would be a challenge in itself.


Just when I was hoping to get down to take a closer look, the train had to move. And I was bent to write a blog entry and also make my self believe that they are  actually tiny, if not tiny fairies checkout this spectacular feature video on hummingbird, 69 different species in the jungles of panama alone!!! beat that awesomeness variety. No wonder they are called hummingbird and not humming-bird cause one for certain cant believe its a bird, (telling you a secret they are actually fairies.)